After install a replacement HID bulb, adjust the beam pattern on a correct position

About incorrect beam pattern:

Each headlight bulb has tolerance during production, only 1 mm tolerance can make a big different on the position of beam pattern.
HID D BULB(5).pngHID D BULB(1).png

And also each Brand bulb’s performance might be different when installed on different headlight assembly.

So after installed a replacement of bulb, it is necessary to adjust the beam pattern on a correct position through the adjustment screw.

Without proper projection of beam pattern, will make people feel the brightness is low.

For comparing beam pattern correctly, we suggest you to project the light towards the wall and then adjust the headlamp.

Here are YouTube video & an article sharing for your reference, thank you:

(How to Adjust Headlights for the Perfect Aim!)

(How to Adjust Auto Headlights)


Professional 3D Equipment Ensure the Perfect Beam Pattern

BRIGHTSTAR HID bulbs have hexagon-shaped arc tube with flat sides to meet the E-MARK standard beam pattern.

For ensuring the most correct electrode position, we developed 3D Electrode Horizontal and Vertical Range Calibrator and utilizing the 3D view to align electrode position correctly from up to down, left to right and front to back.


Only BRIGHTSTAR precisely procedure makes perfect PREMIUM HID BULB

35W Premium Metal Base D Bulb Precise & Sturdy
 3  4.jpg


For the LED headlight bulb you purchasing!

How is your LED bulb performing? Is it safe for driving ?

We have professional equipment and experience for doing accurate test for beam pattern & brightness.

What will we test ?  1. Actual Wattage 2. Beam Pattern 3. CRI
4. Real Brightness of LED Bulbs with Integrating Sphere

Testing Report & Headlight Bulb Comparison will be offered for FREE.

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LED_H4_Beam Pattern Comparison.jpg

LED 9.0 headlight kit Unique accurate beam technology & Flexible installation

*The best beam pattern compliant with SAE 108 regulation.

– Designed in accordance with SAE 108 regulation, it has best performance and accurate beam pattern in the world.


*Best heat conduction copper substrate with double-sided CSP LED flip-chips.

– Thermoelectric separation structure technology produces the best luminous Efficacy.


*Adjust precise fitment angle easily

– Roller adjustable chuck allows adjusting headlight precise angle easily.


*Easy installation & two directions for base installation

– Ultra-Slim driver designed for easier installation and kinds of DIY. Both directions of heat sink could be installed for shorter lamp and more space needs.


* Can-Bus compatible.LED9-HEADLIGHT_DM_20170906_7



Analysis C6 FAMILY LED HEADLAMP in the market

Analysis C6 FAMILY LED HEADLAMP in the market

LED light source has been widely applied on motor vehicles, and kinds of LED headlights are sprung up in auto parts aftermarket.

Why the similar products have different cost, some are only USD 10, but some are almost USD 40?

Let’s take a look at C6 family LED bulbs components analysis by following info.


For motor vehicle headlamps equipped with filament lamps or LED modules, ECE R112 is the only one regulation which E-mark approval should be;
R10 is the false one does not have any use, only for cheating.


Uniform provisions concerning the approval of motor vehicle headlamps emitting an asymmetrical passing-beam or a driving-beam or both and equipped with filament lamps and/or light-emitting diode (LED) modules


Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to electromagnetic compatibility