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NEW 2500 lumen dive light launched on the market -BRIGHTSTARTW

September 14, 2013

Below is compare list of BRIGHTSTARTW DARKBUSTER LED-30 and similar product on the market for you to have a look.

   DAERKBUSTER LED-30LED-30 Big Blue VL1800M LightBig Blue VL1800M Light Intova Meganova Intova Meganova
Power 30W
Single-chip LED
3 x LED 3 x LED
Light Output 2500 Lumen 1800 Lumen 2000 Lumen
Color Temperature Approx. 6000K 6500K 6000~7000K
Beam Angle 10° / 35° (with diffuser) 120° 32°
Battery 5200mA rechargeable li-ion battery Japan PSE (compliant) Ni-MH Rechargeable battery pack, P/N BAT12.0-2.5/10AA 6 x18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries
Continuing Run Time 3 Hours 1.8 Hours 2 Hours
Size 26.8 x 7.2cm 17.8 x 5.85 cm 20.2 x 8.9 x 13.5
Weight 1400 g 692g 1400g
Depth Rating 100 m (330 feet) 100 m (330 feet) 122 m (400feet)
Global Product Liability Insurance yes N/A N/A
MSRP USD$499 USD$599.99 USD$499.95
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year



BRIGHTSTARTW has been dedicated in high-end Auto and hand-held lighting for ten years, based in Taiwan.

We devote to affordable, durable and safe products with maximize product cost/performance ratio; our customers’ profits.

New product DARKBUSTER LED-30 output brightness of DARKBUSTER LED-30 is 2500 Lm.

Enclosure protection rates to IP68, which is the highest standards of dustproof and waterproof.



LED-5D.5Rwith  helmet-clip Fighter-5 dm_1Fighter-5 dm_2

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