Dolphin tracked DARKBUSTER HID light for a Rescue

Video has captured an injury dolphin requested for a help from human being and swam toward human being.
Alone the west coast of Hawaii, a dolphin approached several divers and swam around them. Divers found the dolphin swam in the weird positions, and eventually a fish hook was stock aside this dolphin. One of a diver, who is experienced, came to dolphin and removed the hook by scissors, allowing the dolphin to swim away. The whole matter was captured by video from another diver.

I am glad to see such video and the diver who saved the dolphin. Moreover, what’s so exciting was that our diving HID torch DARKBUSTER III was appeared in the video, which were in the rescue diver’s hands. As you all known, the night dive may be too dark to see, especially how the eyes a dolphin have. Our HID DARKBUSTER III is bright enough to catch dolphin’s eyes so came for a rescue. We not only praise how smart the dolphin is, but also how bright the HID had performed. Let’s clap hands for such successful rescue of a dolphin.


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