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September 7, 2012


Choose the Best!!

Scuba diving – to experience the underwater world, to see special ocean species in person, to find treasure in the ocean etc… No matter which purpose of you or your customers do for scuba diving, a Diving Torch is considered the most important equipments of diving. However, there are several diving torches around the world. In the following 3 weeks, BRIGHTSTARTW will teach you or teach you How to Pick a Diving Torch?”


A. Basic Required Features:

  •   Water proof and dust proof – IP rate with highest 68.
  •  Reliable & Durable – Strong enough to withstand tough environment.
  • Brightness – Enough Lm to look through deep water.

B. Choose by Diving Level:

I. Open Water Diver

Normally, for the basic diver to use a diving torch is for the safety and simple exploration. Unfamiliar to the environment, they need either Glove with a torch or a hook with a torch onto the bag.

Target customers:

  • Underwater hunter           
  •  Nature investigator
  • Underwater navigator
  •  Underwaterphotography


 II. Advanced Open Water Diver

 With a basic skill of diving, people gets adventure to discover more either from dangerous situation or from unknown circumstances. It needs brighter and protective diving torch.


Target customers:

  •  Ledges dive
  • Caverns dive
  •  Deep dive
  • Wreck dive



 Further Requirements:

  •  Longer hours – may need with Lithium-ion battery (PSE Japan Circle Certificate).
  • Heavy duty – High IP rates and comes with overmold
  • Back-up torch – In case of emergency, a portable back-up torch is required. Or, choose diving torch with back-up light.
  •  Brighter – At least 700Lm is required.

III. Master Diver

Reaching Mater Diver is not easy; you are probably a leader of a scuba diving team, or a profession coach in scuba diving education organization. In this case, it will be your job to print out the page or send out to your learners and friends.

Requirements of successfully diving torch:

  • Official certificates – IP68,ATEX,CE,FCC,C-TICK.
  • Quality of manufacturer and QC procedures.
  • Global Product Insurance
  •  Pioneer LED chip manufacturer
  •  Lithium-ion battery PSG Japan circle certificate

 *Please let us know if you do not want to receive news from BRIGHTSTARTW, our apologies for any inconvenience!

* Reference:

 Price & Quality

  I Brand

  II Material


  IV Lithium-ion battery/Disposable

Suggestion of purchase a torch

  *What do we offer?

  *How do we do the QC/Manufactured.

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