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August 20, 2012
  1. Stop working only 2-3 months after installation
  2. Color changes only 2-3 months after use
  3. Light easily goes out during vibration(VERY dangerous)
  4. And so forth and so on

AC or DC output HID conversion kits do matter.  Here’re their differences to share with you.

Differences between AC (reliable & safe) and DC HID conversion kits



*Arc discharged mutually, stable enough during vibration

*Arc discharged one-way, easily cut off during vibration; the vehicle then has no illumination all of a sudden.

  AC HID conversion kit DC HID conversion kit
Light Color Stable color Always change its color
Bulb life AC bulb: 3 times than DC bulb (3,000+ hrs) DC bulb: Less than 1,000 hrs
Bulb Protection Shock resistance protection 

  1. a.      legal in car use
  2. b.      Safe, good quality
  3. c.       Stable arc


NO Shock resistance Shock resistance protection a. Easily extinguish

b. Illegal in car use

c. Dangerous

d. Poor quality

Ballast AC ballast a. legal in car use

b. E-mark approval

c. Safe, good quality


DC ballast a. Illegal in car use

b. No E-mark approval

c. Dangerous

d. Poor quality


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  1. I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing for me
    to comment!

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