Get More Than 250 % Margin By Buying 35W E-Mark D2R/D2S bulbs.

In the competitive HID market, it is very difficult to increase the margin.Therefore, everyone is trying very hard to look for a way to make it happen.The question is how to do? We would like to tell you in this article.

1. Why do you need E-Mark    

  What is the E-Mark? Why is so important to you? More and more countries required the E-Mark certificate. This is a tendency that you should definitely know.

2. The strategy of Brightstar is based on benefit of Clients

  Having a competitive and high quality HID light is possible!! Let Brightstar show you the way we do.

3. The advantage of Brightstar E-Mark HID Xenon Bulb

  Compared with “Phi” and ‘Osr”, Brightstar’s HID E-Mark bulbs can help you to create a new market and new fortune.

4. The quality of HID bulbs of Brightstar

  The strict and precise examination is essential for safe and high quality HID lights. With a professional apparatus, we can always maintain the quality of bulbs.

5. How much can you make by selling Brightstar E-Mark HID D2R/D2S bulbs?

  More than 250% margins you can make!! Here is the real case for your reference!!

Why Do You Need E-Mark?

Based on ECE regulations, the E-Mark is the proof of compliance with all requirements and the rules. ECE not only includes Euro member countries, but also members of the EU abroad, including, Southern Europe,Eastern Europe, and other countries.

In all EU member states, all the devices or the parts used for the vehicle must have the E-Mark certification, such as lamp, bulb, tires, rims, rear view mirrors, automobile glass, tires, brake pads, horn, anti-theft devices, seat belts, child safety chair and car cigarette adapter, almost all the object you can see. In the result, products without the E-mark can’t be sold or used in these member states. As an intelligent consumer, the E-Mark product is definitely our first choice.

Not all the HID bulbs suppliers can pass the strict examination of E-Mark and ECE regulation, only a professional and well-experienced manufacturer such as Brightstar can offer you the best and the safest HID xenon lights.

Eマーク35W D2R/D2Sバルブを買うと






競争力と高品質を持つHIDライトは可能です!! Brightstarに通してご案内致します。

3Brightstar  EマークHID キセノンバルブのメリット

“Phi”や”Osr”と比べて、BrightstarのHID Eマークバルブは新しいマーケットと財産を創設する事を助けられます。

4Brightstar  HIDバルブの品質



5.あなたはBrightstarEマークのHID D2R/D2Sバルブを販売する事によってどれほどする事が出来ますか








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