What lay behind cheap products, which are from China factory?

Nowadays, you can pay less, but get many products from China factory.

But pls pay attention at these phenomenon, and think about that some problems you will get when you buy it.

1.Poor quality-

Product is easy to be broken in couple months, even in weeks. You pay less and need to pay again soon.

2.Unsafe product-

Mostly you cannot find any certificates on it, it means that it’s really possible to cause some damage to life or loss of property due to some unsafe products, and do you think that China factory will make it up for it or not?

3.Little profit margin to reseller-

Reseller can only earn very little money by selling this kind products to you, in the other words, reseller won’t have enough profit margin to offer better after-sales service. Refund/return might not be possible, and how about your warranty?

Here’s a real story and just happened in America.

Reference: http://www.geomangear.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=17


MADE IN CHINA的東西不都是不好,但為何MADE IN CHINA常與劣等品質畫上等號? 可見便宜的背後有著許多人不願去面對的隱憂





美國網購通路GeoMan Gear是難得的負責廠商,當Magicshine產品發生鋰電池起火事件後,隨即公告產品召回,警告消費者停止使用避免危險再發生

來源: http://www.geomangear.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=17



Lithium-Ion Batteries Used with Magicshine Bicycle Lights Recalled by GeoManGear Due to Fire Hazard

Name of Product:  Magicshine 900 Lumen (model MJ-808), 1400 Lumen (model MJ-816), and Tail Light (MJ-818) bicycle lightsets with lithium-Ion batteries.

Units:  About 20,000.

Manufacturer:  Shenzhen Minjun Electronic Co., Ltd. dba Magicshine.

Distributor:  Datseplots, Inc. dba GeoManGear.

Hazard:  Mismatched lithium-ion battery cells can cause the battery to overheat, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

Incidents/Injuries:  There have been three reported incidents causing fires and property damage.  There have been no reported personal injuries.

Description:  This Alert involves Magicshine 900 Lumen, 1400 Lumen lightsets, and Tail lightsets sold with either a Series I lithium-ion battery pack in a nylon pack enclosure or a Series II lithium-ion battery pack in an aluminum pack enclosure inserted into a fabric sleeve.

Sold at:  GeoManGear sold Magicshine lightsets with the Series I and Series II battery packs exclusively through the Internet at http://www.geomangear.com from June 2009 through November 5, 2010.  The battery packs were sold individually and as part of the Magicshine MJ-808, MJ-816, and MJ-818 lightsets sold by GeoManGear.

Manufactured in:  China.

Remedy:  Consumers should immediately stop using the battery.  We recommend that you store it outside in a safe, protected place away from combustible materials (e.g., on concrete). 

You will receive a recall notice by both email and postal mail in the near future. Please be sure to keep all other parts of the light set, including the light head and the charger, because only the battery pack is being recalled. Your recall notice will give more information about the return or disposal of the battery.  If your contact information has changed, please use the CONTACT US form and select Subject: Customer Contact Information Changes.

Identifying the Affected Magicshine Battery Packs


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