Drive Safe Home On Snow!

Recently the global weather extreme abnormalities, appears from the United Kingdom in December -the coldest month, the France down to the biggest snowfall in 25 years and the 30 years blowing in Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang Mohe has a record -41 degrees, extreme weather wreak havoc, the difficulties of snow drive is much higher and the road that easy to slippery pavement increased risk of car crashes
How to safety drive home in snow , we list the matters worth your attention:

A.     The safety auto equipment :ABS/ TRACTION CONTROL & STABILITY CONTROL

Snow driving in winter, in addition to anti-lock braking system (ABS) can make drivers safer, but through the Traction Control system (Traction Control) and stabilization system (Stability Control) also can help the reader who think about the snow driving safety should be considered that when coupled with the facilities. 

The Traction Control system can be called Anti-Slip Regulation system, the important function is to ensure maximum tire contact with the road while the drivers drive in motion and acceleration,. For example, driving in the snow, the tire bite idling, then the Traction Control system will display and the electronic sensors detect a wheel spin, the computer receives the data, on the one hand adjust the valve input, and the other Brake system to strengthen the pressure to reduce the number of revolutions the tire so as to ensure maximum nip car capacity. 

For example, when the vehicle turns, the stability system’s computer will according to the front wheel steering angle to measure the speed of the tire Side force will transcend the Traction Control.

Once the Side force is too large, the computer will through the independent brake, which will slow down a tire, the lateral force offset is too large, so the car remains the same Traction Control.

B.     The attention of snow driving:

1.)Do not pour hot water in winter de-icing
Parking in outdoor, after one night will form a layer of frost on the glass, then do not try to de-icing with hot water, hot water poured out, and immediately frozen, but will increase the difficulty. A common de-icing trick is to first start the engine, and open the car’s heating, with a special automotive glass of ice and snow shovel ice from the ice cracks between the slow eradication.

2.)To keep the lights clean
Cloudy snow, poor visibility or poor lighting, all these above conditions can use the display of wide lights, fog lights, even the headlight, and the other drivers can easily see your car and you need to remember to maintain the front and rear lights clean.

3.) Follow the car withdraw
If there is snow on the road rut, should follow the vehicle tracks. The skill of snow driving are slowly lift the clutch and add the oil , shift after the speed is reduced and do not throttle acceleration.

4.) To know the key point , easily on the downhill
While uphill, must be maintain the doubled distance between the vehicle in front, for “one go” to complete climbing. In case due to the up slope when climbing ice and spin the wheel, you can sprinkle some sand in the wheels or covered the blankets, it will increase friction. While downhill, it should be a smooth change to a block, use low gear to reduce speed.

5.) Do not to park in the snow
Should be avoid parking in the snow because the snow will be very difficult to start. If you must parking on the snow downhill , need to leave sufficient space for parking in front and rear ,and easy to left the car space..

Please refer to the VEDIO: How To Drive in the Snow


How to Drive Safely and Stay Safe on Snowy, Icy Days?

(please leave comments and good idea share with us)

1.Put an emergency kit in your car with snack foods, water, and flashlight.



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