The importance of the DIVING LIGHTS O-ring

Most of people don’t know how important the O-ring is. In fact, they usually neglect it. They take care of the lamps, the battery but few people take care of O-rings. Probably, it’s because it is really cheap, so people undervalue its function, which can prevent water leaking into the casing of light. Because of a failure of the O-ring, the flooded light problem will come to you!!

The professionals all know how important the O-ring is, so they do carefully the maintenance with it. Here are some tips for your reference:

1. Remove the O-rings one by one. Sometimes, in the light there are more than 4 O-rings which are very close in size. If you remove all the O-rings together, you might put them back in the wrong place.

2. Clean the O-rings, make sure there is no dust on it.

3. Put some silicon gel on it. Don’t put too much, otherwise it will stick the dust, sand, hair or any thing, which might damage the O-ring and cause the leak problem.

4. During the process above, do not stretch the O-ring. Or it will lose its function.

You have to do the maintenance regularly to care for your waterproof light(s)

O-ring 的重要性




1. 不要同時拆卸所有的O-ring。有時候,同一個手電筒上會有4個以上的O-ring,而他們的尺寸大小也都很接近,所以如果同時將所有O-ring一起拆卸,很容易搞混而裝錯位置。

2. 清潔O-ring,確保沒有雜質。

3. 塗上一點矽膠保養油,但不要塗太多,以免會附著灰塵、毛髮或其他雜質,造成進水的問題。

4. 以上都過程中,請勿搭扯O-ring,才不會使它變鬆弛。



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