Hydraulic Pressure Cabin

What is a hydraulic pressure cabin?

It is a machine that simulates the pressure in the water in order to test how high the product can take. For completing the test, it needs the required water pressure by a solid and completely sealed cabin and powerful water current.

What the purpose for the pressure cabin test before delivering the goods from factory?

I believe that we all had an experience that the so called anti-water or waterproof equipment you just bought was flooded while you used it in the water for the first time. Next, you found out that you were forced to explain why and how it happened to the shop or to the manufacturer. Of course, that will be fine if you face a responsible manufacturer that will take care and do something about it. On the contrary, you have to deal with the flooded product by yourself if you bought it from irresponsible manufacturer.

There is always a label, indicating how deep the equipment can be used in the water, and the data is certainly a proof for clients. After all, without constant tests and improvements, there is no way that the product can meet the standard. You should not be worried about the problem if you see a label on it.

However, some problems might happen in the production process, for example, the assemblyman forgot to put the O-ring in the product or the casing is broken. Therefore, the test is absolutely necessary and important. Most of people who encounter the flooded problem, they barely get the compensation or response from the manufacture due to many controversial issues.

For avoiding the problem happening to clients who buy our products, our company purchased a pressure cabin in order to test every product before delivery. This process definitely can let our clients use the product without any worry.

Please think again what kind of product you want to purchase: the one that has been tests for double check or the one that only has the brief product test? It’s up to you to choose the right product for avoiding the annoying flooded problem.









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