New record for Free-diving

By Matthew Hua

Do you know how deep a man can dive without any equipment? 50 meter? 80 meter? The answer is 100 meter. You might think that it is normal to dive 100 meter under the sea. But I need to tell you that now we are talking about Free-diving. Most people know about scuba diving or snorkeling and so on, but not all of them heard about free-diving before.

According to explication of Wikipedia, “Freediving is any various aquatic that share the practice of breathe-hold underwater diving.1” Without any equipment, including the breathing apparatus or other devices, the diver plunge into the water for free-diving, which is very difficult and dangerous if you were not trained.

In fact, there are two types of free-diving: first one is that divers use the weights to quickly pull themselves down; another is divers dive with no weights. The new record we are talking about is the second one, which is much harder and more dangerous. And this guy, Willam Trubridge, whose photo is below, has broken again a new record for free-diving.

This is amazing what he did: diving without any weights and swimming aids during all the process, which is called “Constant Weight Apnea Without Fins” Normally, the maximum time of breath-hold is about 2~3 in air for us. But he lasted 4 minutes and 10 seconds under the sea!! I’m really impressed by his unbelievable performance!!

2. Photos:


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