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Are you looking for a safe product, even it can save your life?

December 17, 2010

If you were in an avalanche now, how would you ask for a help?

The master in this terrible story, who used a very powerful light and survived from the dangerous snowslide.

Here are three key points to save him from the nightmare.

1.    Super Brightness:

His light has Super Brightness light output, so he could be located by the Search and Rescue team and the helicopter pilot.

2.    Long Distance Penetration Ray:

It’s easy to be found out if ray of light is focusing, narrow beam angle, of course it must be powerful to reach 300-500 yards to catch the attention from the Search and Rescue team and the helicopter pilot.

3.    Excellent quality of the product, keep working in that extremely environment, -41℃

How to make sure your product is qualified?

  • To check what certificate the product carries.
  • To see its global product liability insurance.
  • To make sure it made in China or not! : )

Which is the product to save the master in that story?

Night Owl- which is the product’s name and made by BRIGHTSTAR.

You can get the further information here: Night Owl


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