Three important things you should know about moutain bike light

1. Mounting brackets and Helmet mount.

For the night biking, you definitely need the light for it. However, most of people only think about how bright the light is will be enough. Don’t get me wrong, the brightness is indeed important. But if you use it in the right way, you will enjoy the process by better performance of the lights. Let’s take a quick view the comparison between handlebar mounted light and Helmet light:

The mounting brackets and helmet mount are indispensable while you’re doing night biking, especially for MTB. Firstly, mounting the light to the handlebar can clearly show you the situation of the road and it is legal way to use it according the law of some countries such as UK. Of course, you have to pick a good bracket, or the light can not be fixed well while you ride on the bumpy road. Secondly, you definitely need the helmet mounted light if you want to see more around you. It can make up a disadvantage of handlebar light that can only illuminate forward. By the mounted light, you can see easily where you want to see. Furthermore, it is very practical and helpful when you need to repair your bike in the night.

2. Battery

Generally, there are three common types of battery for the flashlight or the biking light.

First one is Ni-Cad battery which is not a very good choice because its weight is comparatively heavy. The major problem of Ni-Cad is “Memory effect” that influences closely the performance of batteries. Furthermore, a serious damage of environment will be occurred by its toxic chemical.

Second, Nickel Metal Hydroid (NiMH) battery, lighter and smaller than Ni-Cab battery, is very common in the market. Compared with Ni-Cad, its problem of “Memory effect” is less serious and its toxic chemical causes less environmental impact.

Lighter and smaller than NiMH, the Lithium-ion is the last battery we are going to talk about. It has no memory effect and it is more environmentally friendly than the others. Because of these features, lithium-ion is considered as a good option for electronic product such as the cell phone, notebook or flashlight. Although it is a little expensive, it is still the first choice for the night bikers, who know that only the good battery can keep supplying the power they need. After all, no one wants to bring too many “Backups” on the road.

3. Bulbs

Halogen: The halogen is used very commonly in our daily life; it can be seen everywhere. The way of producing the light is by passing an electric current through a filament. There are some disadvantages: The output is not high enough; the bulb life is short; it takes more power, which means the poor efficiency. Generally, people now tend to use Metal Halide Lamps and LED Lamps for the biking lights. They know perfectly how important the light is while riding in the night. If the light is not bright enough that will put the bikers in the danger because they can not react in time.

Metal Halide Lamps, also called HID, emits the light by producing an electrical arc between two electrodes. The reason that there are more and more people who prefer HID to the halogen bulbs is that HID can consume less power and provide more light outputs.

LED also has this character, but its output is not as high as HID since the technology is still developing. Compared with Halogen, these two bulbs seems have more similar advantages. For example, bulbs life is longer and the light is brighter than halogen. Also, they all can produce white light, which can help people see clearly in the darkness.


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