What you have to know about batteries?

Since the scientist Franklin found out the electric power, the power become necessity in everyone’s life.

Battery generally include: Electrodes, Electrolyte, Separator, and Shell.  And the battery was created based on both of physical and chemical action principle, within the energy concentrated in the solid battery body.

Zinc, carbon zinc, or mercury batteries cause the heavy metal pollution of mercury.  So if not to recycle the used batteries, the mercury and cadmium pollution will happen when we bury it that mixed in the garbage, which will result in the leakage of harmful heavy metals into the soil and water, and then streaming in the environment very quickly and indirectly absorbed by the body from our drink and food.  The heavy metals are not available through the human metabolism, so over many years, heavy metals toxicities will occur in cases of poisoning.

And there are some things we should know when we use batteries.

We learn how to choose a good quality battery, which normally we can find manufacturers’ or distributors’ info on their package, so it’s good to us to have recourse with them when we get any problems.  Do not buy the battery that’s too cheap.  Especially expensive appliance should use quality battery to avoid battery

We should have to use of nickel-metal hydride or lithium batteries to replace the zinc, carbon zinc, and mercury batteries. (Nickel-metal hydride or lithium batteries in our cell phone).  Ni-Cd batteries contain cadmium, that’s very toxic and harmful for our body,  we must recycle it when use it.

We can not dissect the battery in order to avoid leakage of battery fluid to injury the skin or eyes.  If the electrolyte sprayed in the skin or clothes, should be washed with plenty of water. If splashed into eyes, washing the eyes with water for at least 15 minutes and going to hospital immediately.

When we using appliances, to pay attention to the battery positive and negative mark on the base unit (battery on the “+” represents positive).  If installed up side down, appliances would have reverse voltage, or get battery fluid leakage damage, even explode.

Non-rechargeable battery can only be used one time. Rechargeable battery, normally means lithium battery, can be charged by charger and be used about 500 times.  Do not use the battery charger on the battery (alkaline or carbon zinc battery) charge, to avoid battery leakage or explosion

We need to avoid using old and new batteries together because the new battery’s power will eaten up the old battery.

We should notice something in order to avoid having dangerous. The battery should be placed on infants and young children can not reach and should be placed in a cool dry place to reduce the battery self-discharge.  And can not put it in metal containers, it should be placed in insulated containers to avoid short-circuit.

If appliances do not in use for a long time, you must remove the battery.

Do not dispose of batteries in water or fire, or near the gas stove, oven and other heat sources to avoid battery leakage or explosion.  And avoid putting batteries into pocket or purse, in hot and humid place, or with coins, keys and other metal material, it’s possible to have short circuit caused by contact.


■請勿用空氣壓縮機噴出冷空氣清理剛使用過還是熱的燈泡或手電筒反光杯(小心, 會爆!)
■請勿用手觸摸LED或HID燈炮, 而沒有用酒精清理表面
■請勿使用沒保護的鋰電池, 特別是用於沒有低壓自動斷電的手電筒
■請勿在沒有對充電器, 電池及有關的電路知識有充份瞭解和掌握前, 自製改裝充電器或充電器電池架或電池架


■開手電筒底部或筒身時, 傳出(強烈)異味或發現電池流出化學品
■在使用後, 兩粒(或以上)的電池電壓明顯不同(鋰充電更要小心!)
■在存放手電筒或電池的地方, 發現(強烈)異味或流出化學品
■你的鋰充電池電壓比正常低很多, 甚至測不出電壓
■充電池時, 你的鋰電池充電器(最少要有過充保護)檢測不出有放入的鋰充電


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