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How to Select a Dive Torch?

August 26, 2010

Learn which Dive Light is right for our diving situation.

It’s important to choose a good dive light that can offer you a safe and pleasant dive!

Types of Dive Torches

(1) Primary Dive Lights

We can use primary dive lights for any dives, but especially for night diving.  They are usually larger, high brightness, with wide beams and stark lighting penetrability. And have two ways to take primary dive light: pistol, lantern. It’s easy to take it underwater.

BRIGHTSTAR primary dive lights include the DARKBUSTER 21/24W HID, DARKBUSTER JUNIOR/E1 12W HID and DARKBUSTER LED-12.

(2) Secondary or Back up Dive Lights

Why do we need to prepare the secondary or back –up diving light?  Because during a night diving we may fail the primary dive night.  At this time, the secondary diving light can help us to go on our night diving! They are usually small, lightweight, more compact and narrow beam.

Secondary dive lights can easily fit into a BC pocket and use it easily into the deep carves underwater.  When you decided to explore under ledges or cracks of a reef, you can use it to light.

Besides, our LED-3/5 have plastic hooks which can hang on the BC pocket.  You can use it while you are in trouble underwater.

BRIGHTSTAR secondary dive lights products include DARKBUSTER LED- 5W and LED-3.

Disposable versus & Rechargeable Dive Lights

If you often go to diving, you may prefer Rechargeable Dive Lights.  Because it can provide more power and more environmentally.  And you go diving not often, you may choose disposable versus lights.  This is cheaper than rechargeable Dive Lights.

But for those who don’t use their dive torches often, disposable batteries become a better choice because the rechargeable ones tends to fail when leaving unused for too long.

Personal Safety

Divers have to notice one thing is that before you going to dive, you have to check that the battery of the LED flashlight is fully charged, or you will have the problem in the middle of diving.  You prepare at least two diving lights: the primary dive light and the secondary dive light.  It is sure that can prevent any disappear risks of the primary dive light.

Situations to use the Dive Torch

In the daytime
Many divers like to take a handy secondary flashlight when they are diving because it is still dark to a certain level underwater.

At night
At night, it’s not easy to look anything under the water especially for divers who like having a night dive.  So they need more powerful flashlight to see clearly.

Photograph underwater
With using of the light, your underwater subjects will full of color and will taking good pictures.  It is important to choose a light and even to successfully illuminate your subjects.

Having strong lighting penetrability is essential for video underwater.  And our DARKBUSTER HID flashlight is your best choice!


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