Light Up The Night

When it comes to a night dive, the picture of divers swinging the hand hold light in the dark reappears in the mind.  In fact, a night dive can fit many needs that only need some lights.  First, divers need supply lights to wear on the equipment on the water or the deck and finish the safety examine before going to diving.  These surface lights depended primarily on the lights on the deck of a diving boat, but it also can be a diving light on the beach diving at night.

Underwater, divers need a diving light to supply for the ideal brightness, usually is hand-hold or head-hold diving light, and the battery capacity need to maintain the diving time.  The light range of diving light can illuminate all the underwater.  Besides, divers who having a night dive carry a back-up light and avoid the dive light damage.  The light beam of these typically small lamps, easy to take diving light and LED light, is a little narrow and can be used for spies on the crack and the depth of the reef on the diving.

The difficulty of the night diving is guidance: seek for ropes for rappelling, anchor cable, the boat and the entrance under the beach.  Many kinds of flashing lights, marks, signal lights and lighthouse can be helped to solve this difficulty.

The other difficulties of the night diving is the following partner.  It’s very important that especially for a group night diving.  From that, many divers have equipped individual mark – chemistry light stick on Regulator or mark on BC, it become a simple mark at any convenient positions.

Finally, if divers who float the place far from the diving boat, need help and have to figure out let .. to see yourself.  At this time, the flashing light is a good way.







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